Baby Signs® Stories

My daughter, Julia, showed me how she views the world one day while we were traveling. We were waiting at the gate at the airport, when my daughter looked up at me with an inquisitive look on her face. She signed TURTLE, BABY, BABY, TURTLE. I look in the direction she was looking there stood a mom with her infant in a baby front carrier. With only her legs and head sticking out (not to mention the geometric print on the fabric) the baby did indeed look like a turtle.

- Bonita, California

Another story comes from a parent in a class I taught, that I share with all my classes now too! She attended the class with her second child and said her favourite sign with her older child was 'all done' she commented that it eliminated the word 'no' and they were able to use 'all done' for everything and it made for a more pleasant toddler!!

- Pamela, Ontario

My son learned to sign bubbles at an early age, around 12 months. He used it only a few times. About a week after we went for a walk around the Lake with friends. He was in the stroller and it was a beautiful spring day. He began to sign bubbles. Well, I looked around and I couldn't find any bubbles. I asked my friends and they couldn't see anyone blowing bubbles. It was then that I noticed the cherry blossoms were losing their flowers and they were falling all over the place softly and slowly just like bubbles float. He was sharing this memory. He noticed the flowers falling and remembered his sign for bubbles and used it to share this with me. I stopped and I showed him the sign for flower and I signed raining. I told him how the flowers drop from the trees and we talked a bit. Here was this 12 month old baby initiating this very cool conversation with me. It was such a wonderful experience. Without baby signs, I would have no idea he was even paying attention to his surroundings.

- Amanda and baby Geran