Talk to your baby...before your baby can talk!

Have you ever wondered what your baby is thinking? Or why your baby is crying? The Baby Signs® Program can teach babies to use simple, easy-to-do gestures for communicating with their parents and caregivers. These gestures or “signs” represent an item or concept, like “cat,” “eat,” or “all gone.”


Using signs gives babies a way to "talk" with their parents, before they can talk. Babies can communicate about the world around them, long before they have mastered their verbal speaking skills!


My name is Carrie and I am a Baby Signs® Independent Certified Instructor based out of Surrey, BC, Canada. I offer engaging and fun classes for parents and babies. We sing songs, learn new signs every week, and meet new friends along the way.


Babies and toddlers often use signs as a natural part of the communication process. Many babies know how to wave "bye-bye" or use a headshake to mean "no." The Baby Signs® Program can help your baby use lots of other gestures to communicate just as easily as these more common "signs."


Baby Signs® Program Classes

Sign, Say & Play™

This 6-week play class for parents and their babies:


- highlights signs that are most important in the lives of babies

- teaches signing through fun games with BeeBo™ the Baby Signs® Bear

- provides signing practice through delightful Baby Signs® songs

- introduces play activities that reinforce important language, cognitive and social- emotional skills

- brings families together to share their signing experiences


Designed for parents and children ages birth to 2 years.       

MORE Sign, Say & Play™

This 6-week play class for parents and their babies is an extension of our Sign, Say & Play™ classes and follow the same, familiar format. Classes include fun songs, games, and activities that introduce new signs from these important themes:


- Feelings

- Outside

- Safety

- Farm

- Zoo

- Birthday


Designed for parents and children ages birth to 2 years.    

Baby Signs® Parent Workshop

This one-time introductory workshop teaches everything you need to know to get started with the Baby Signs® Program. You will learn:


- some fun signs to start you off on the right foot

- how to begin signing with your baby

- effective ways to begin teaching signs at home

- easy ways to use signs in daily routines

- what to expect as your baby transitions from signs to speech


Designed for parents of hearing children ages birth to 2 years. If you are interested in hosting a workshop or having a private workshop in your home, email us more details.